2014-04-14 New app for social photo sharing in an innovative and secure way under development. If you want to be a beta tester, drop me an email on johansafholm 'at'

2014-03-14 Updating the layout on the twitter feed

2012-02-09 Both FastKam and FastKam Flash are now released for free on Google play.

2011-12-06 Promotional video released, results are clear: FastKam is in a class of it's own when it comes to capturing the moment and showing it instantly!

2011-12-05 Added my twitter flow to the website, feel free to follow me for updates on mobile camera technology, mobile platforms and sometimes just geek stuff.

Since I'm doing these apps for fun and learning, I've decided to donate 20% of the earnings to Wikimedia Foundation so they can keep up the fantastic work with Wikipedia

Release of FastKam and FastKamFlash on android market!

The two apps FastKam and FastKam Flash are now pending availability on Android market.

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